The HEAT Solar Set ensures hot water and heating support for 1 to 2 family homes. This innovative fresh water module generates fresh hygienic hot water in the required quantity.

Heat 2010SL Heat 2010SLS Heat 3018SLS
Number of collectors 10 12 18
Collector area 23 / 25 27.6 / 30 41.4 / 45
Stratified layer System tank SLSS100 1 + BS1000 1 + BS1000 1 + 2 x BS1000
PVS40 Buffer connection 1 ½ 4 4 8
Stratified Charging Station SLS50 yes yes yes
Fresh water station FWS30 Plus yes yes yes
Expansion tank, incl. cap valve (solar/tank) 80 L / 100 L 100 L / 100 L 100 L / 200 L
Antifreeze 15 L 15 L 20 L
Pressure relief valve with pressure gauge yes yes yes


One source of energy

One buffer tank for solar heating and auxiliary heating for hot water preparation and space heating

Fast and space-saving installation

Modules can be installed directly on the tank, ready-to-use

Optimum energy use

Filling and removal using patented 3-zone concept with internal pipework

Hygienic hot water

Fresh water station based on the continuous-flow heating principle


In comparison with conventional oil heat, the HEAT set can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50%. This way you can help to save our environment, leaf by leaf.


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