SOL 90 SOL 150 SOL 200
Collector area
1.1 m²
1.75 m²
2.4 m²
Tank size in litres
90 L
150 L
200 L
Cold water safety valve
yes yes
PR Valve
Mounting system 0° / 45°

The SOLCRAFT can either be used as a standalone system or can be used as a preheating system to your existing geyser.

If used as a preheating system the significance is that your existing geyser remains in operation and the SOLCRAFT is feeding your existing geyser with HOT water instead of cold water. Hence, there is no need for your existing geyser to heat the water in the tank. In this case, you also increase your hot water capacity plus there is the benefit that in case of very cold days in winter your existing geyser element would provide for appropriate back up.

The pre heating system will provide you with an energy saving of up to 70% for your hot water requirement over the year. In summer >90%, in winter <60%.

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