15kW Windturbine - STEP V2GL

Plant description

STEP® V2GL is a three-bladed and pitch-controlled small wind turbine patterned after large scale plants.
The small wind energy turbine, which was especially designed for a power range up to 15 kW, is capable
of producing profit even in low wind regions. It is possible to use the turbine grid connected as well as in island mode.
Due to its robust construction, the use of wear-andtear free and permanently lubricated components, it is possible to achieve a minimum amount of maintenance and replacement. Therefore the plant is particularly suitable for back country locations.
The energy of the wind turns the aerodynamically and acoustically optimised rotor blades.

Via gearless transfer this rotation is turned into electric energy in the permanent magnet generator, which by use of an inverter is converted to standardized voltage and frequency parameters. The yawing mechanism works active.

Performance Diagram

Field of application

STEP® wind turbines are reliably producing energy in lots of countries worldwide. There a countless applications possible like:
  • Energy supply for radio, mobile phone and gauging stations
  • Solutions for the energy supply of islands
  • Water pumps and seawater salt removal plants
  • Energy supply for ECO resorts and hotels
  • Energy supply for back country regions
  • Emergency power supply and back-up systems
  • Hybrid systems (Wind, PV, Water, Diesel)

Advantages of STEP® V2GL wind turbines

  • Pitch control
  • Gearless - Direct Drive
  • Reliable low-maintenance construction
  • Corrosion-resistant components
  • Blades with integrated lightning protection
  • IEC 61400-2:2006 certification (wind class 4)
  • Made in Austria
  • Aerodynamic and noise optimised design
  • Especially suitable for island- and hybrid solutions
  • Automatic start at 2,5 m/sec wind speed
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Aerodynamic service brake
  • Hydraulic safety brake
  • TCP/IP Connection
  • Ready for connection
  • Low noise level

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